Our Story

  • April 2002

    golden girlLacey was registered to attend Belmont University in Nashville to study commercial music.  On a whim and some coaxing from her mom, Lacey decided to audition with more than 100 girls for the LSU Golden Girls dance team. After clenching one of the 14 positions she decided to attend Louisiana State University.
  • Spring 2002

    Matt LSUMatt took an unofficial visit to the annual spring football game at LSU. Fell in love, not with Lacey but with LSU, the purple and gold!  Shortly after accepted a scholarship to attend and play for the Tigers. Largely in part to the glittery girls of gold cheering on the sidelines.
  • August 2002

    red-white-blue-smLacey began her freshman year at LSU and her first of five seasons as an LSU Golden girl.
  • August 2003

    matt-flynn-smMatt attends LSU as a redshirt freshman and the tigers brought home a National Championship.
  • September 2003

    lacey-and-matt-football-smAlmost nine years ago, fate and an LSU football game brought Lacey Minchew and Matt Flynn together. Maybe it was the mood lighting at “always classy” Bogies college bar, or the buzz from the recent win against Auburn; but this football player and golden girl were unaware that this was how it would begin.
  • 2004 – 2008

    matt and lacey sepia bridgeDuring their four year friendship, Lacey studied broadcast journalism and Matt didn’t study. But don’t worry, he graduated with a degree in General Studies (aka. Football). Who knew LSU had such a degree?
  • January 2008

    photoMatt lead the LSU tigers to a National Championship and won the title of offensive MVP. He’s kind of a big deal (in Baton Rouge)!
  • Spring 2008

    glam louisianaShe began her acting career and spent long days on set but would never miss a Saturday night in Tiger Stadium to cheer her QB to victory. Note: there were 92,000 other fans cheering as well. I don’t think he heard her cheers.  
  • April 2008

    phone-smMatt was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. He packed his bags for the frozen tundra and began his career as an NFL Quarterback. Just when they thought they were the perfect couple, they realized they were not in the perfect situation…long distance relationships, lots of phone calls, 8 hour flights, with too many stopovers proved to be taxing on the love life.  
  • October 2008

    miss-LA-smLacey won the title of Miss Louisiana USA 2009. Finally! It was her turn to be a big deal.  Her acting career was taking off but she knew the inevitable was to come. L.A. was calling her name and a chance to fulfill her dreams would be nothing she’d regret.
  • 2009 – 2010

    matt-and-aaron-smMatt continued his tutorship as #2 for the Pack, behind one of the greats, Aaron Rogers. “Long John” chocolate donuts by day and “The corner” by night.
  • January 2010

    rubyLacey found a foster home for Ruby with her godparents, the Lacy’s, packed the mini cooper and headed out west. The Beverly hillbillies had nothing on her! She pounded the pavement audition after audition but this girl with big dreams soon realized LaLa land was not where this Southern girl wanted to plant her daisies.
  • February 2011

    NFL_Super_Bowl_Football__dvonfalkensteingazetteextra.com_15_t715Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl.  And Christina Aguilara forgets the words to the star spangled banner. Absence makes the heart grow fonder… blah blah blah
  • January 2012

    family-smHis time as a Packer had come to an end. Matt and Lacey packed up and headed south. Crammed into a tiny apartment in Baton Rouge, with piles of boxes and three dogs, these two friends fell in love all over again. Real love, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t–live-without-each other love.
  • April 2012

    IMG_0256Matt signed his free agent contract to become a Seattle Seahawk. So they set out on this road together from Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Ruby, Judge and Ranger (their three bulldogs) in tow to Seattle, Washington.
  • June 2012

    tree-lodge-smAfter weeks of searching for the perfect house, they settled on the “American Tree Lodge” in Issaquah. The bulldogs were in “dog heaven” with 7 acres to roam but … beware of the bears!
  • November 2012

    wine-bottle-smAfter months of deliberation to choose the perfect destination and ring for the proposal, Matt decided to pop the question at a specially selected winery in Woodinvile, WA. Despite his uncharacteristic pre-planning the ring arrived the day of the proposal due to “Superstorm Sandy”. The night was set to be perfect. The car arrived on time, the people at the winery were all in on the secret, the wine tasting was all set except one problem... Lacey arrived at the winery “green” with a severe case of motion sickness. She managed to shake it off and say “yes!” to the all important question.
  • Present

    surprised-smAll the best love stories have one thing in common. You have to go against the odds to get there.
  • May 2013

    ranger bourbonOn May 22nd, Ranger will help us bury the bourbon to keep the rain away on our wedding day!  It's a Southern tradition...