Dear friends and family,

We registered. Yes, we made a couple trips to Williams & Sonoma and Bloomingdales, to go through their gigantic stores. At the end of our wish list marathon, we accumulated a good amount of items.

We love all of you deeply, and are so blessed that you would want to honor us with gifts to start our new life together. But we are asking in love and sincerity that you choose to bless us with your presence at our wedding.

Having you here with us to celebrate means more to us than spatulas or magic bullets, we promise!

Visit or to check out our registry. On the bridal & gift registry page, search for Lacey Minchew or Matt Flynn.

And if you do notice something on our list that you have creatively learned to do without, please give us your feedback (we are still rookies too).

All our love,

Lacey & Matt